Анонс AIMP for Android v2.80

Artem | 2018-06-13 11:48:52 | Views: 8438891

Состоялся анонс новой версии мобильного плеера.
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AIMP for Android v2.70

Artem | 2018-04-25 09:41:08 | Views: 8438924

New version of AIMP for Android has been released!

Whats new?
  • Common: support for Android Auto
  • Common: support for Android Shortcuts
  • Playlist: an ability to customize formatting lines for playlist entries
  • Playlist: an ability to group playlist items by year tag field
  • Playlist: an ability to sort playlist by year tag field
  • Playlist: an ability to sort playlist tabs manually
  • Sound Engine: cross-fade feature has been added
  • Sound Engine: equalizer has been extended to 29 bands (skin should support this feature)
  • Sound Engine: volume normalization via replay gain has been added
  • Themes: an ability to change theme hue

Full list of changes can be found here.

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AIMP v4.51.2070

Artem | 2018-04-01 11:26:16 | Views: 8393933

Minor update for AIMP for Windows has been release.

In this update we have included bug fixes and minor improvements for existing functionality:
  • Audio Converter: new encoding mode - "single folder - single file"
  • DSP-Manager: an ability to remove silence longer than 0.5 seconds
  • DSP-Manager: Now you can specify different preamp values for the "on-the-fly analysis" or "value from tags" modes
  • Tag Editor: an ability to start autonumeration from specified index
  • Plugins: new built-in visualization called "Album Art" has been added

  • Default Skin: an ability to customize text size for lyrics box
  • Music Library: table - an ability to specify action by double click on table items
  • Music Library: table - cards in group details view mode are now groups by value of first displaying field
  • Music Library: Core - performance of DB Engine has been improved

Full change log can be found here.

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Public beta-testing has been started

Artem | 2018-01-13 22:18:13 | Views: 8393590

Today we have started public beta-testing of AIMP for Android v2.70.


Please, report all issues which were found through feedback form and / or by our forum.

Please, refer to the beta-testing rules topic before send bug reports, try as much as possible to describe in detail the situation in which the error occurred, or provide the steps to reproduce. Do not forget to mention the full version of the program.

Forum section of AIMP for Android


Note that version is test, it may contains a lot of bugs!


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AIMP v4.50 has been released!

Artem | 2017-10-30 22:37:23 | Views: 8394221

Whats new in v4.50 in comparing with v4.13?
  • Common: support for 4K monitors
  • Common: support for monitors with different DPI

  • Audio Converter: an ability to close the app automatically after conversion
  • Audio Converter: the statistics are now shown after conversion (optional)

  • Music Library: Table - an ability to customize list of fields for grouping
  • Music Library: Table - an ability to customize list of fields that used for group details
  • Music Library: an ability to quick access to the "reset column filter" commands via context menu of filter button
  • Music Library: an ability to reset stats for selected files only
  • Music Library: an ability to size group details area in default skin
  • Music Library: column customization menu no longer closes after the click
  • Music Library: new DB engine that improved performance by 10 times
  • Music Library: the Lyricist, Mood, Conductor and Comment columns have been added

  • Player: decoders for the WebM and Matroska Audio formats have been added
  • Player: support for MKA, AA3, AT3, OMA, YouTube file formats
  • Player: support for lyrics in the .LRC and .SRT file formats (skin must support lyrics too)
  • Player: the "jump 5 sec back on start if playback is paused for more than 15 seconds" option has been added
  • Player: the "jump to next track on deleting playing file from playlist" option has been added
  • Player: the "restore playback position for each playlist" option has been added

  • Tag Editor: an ability to download lyrics from the Internet (additional plugins are required)
  • Tag Editor: the Lyricist, Mood, Conductor, Catalog, Compilation, ISRC, Rating and Encoder tag fields have been added

  • Skin Engine: potential abilities have been extended

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