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SkipTrack v2.1.5

spiteful | 2019-11-03 | 505.08 KB | Downloads: 50992

PreviewPlatform: Windows
Version: AIMP v4.00 or newer

Type: Extensions

Plugin provides an ability to skip tracks in shuffle mode from playback queue, that have been played for a certain period

Requirepments: the "Allow statistics" option should be switched on in the Options Plugins Audio Library


Artem | 2019-09-05 | 3335.55 KB | Downloads: 131730

PreviewPlatform: Windows
Version: AIMP v4.50 or newer

Type: Decoders

BASSZXTUNE - BASS audio library add-on based on ZXTune library.

Supported extensions: $b, $m, 2sf, ahx, as0, asc, ay, ayc, bin, cc3, chi, cop, d, dmm, dsf, dsq, dst, esv, fdi, ftc, gam, gamplus, gbs, gsf, gtr, gym, hes, hrm, hrp, hvl, lzs, m, mod, msp, mtc, nsf, nsfe, p, pcd, psc, psf, psf2, psg, psm, pt1, pt2, pt3, rmt, rsn, s, sap, scl, sid, spc, sqd, sqt, ssf, st1, st3, stc, stp, str, szx, td0, tf0, tfc, tfd, tfe, tlz, tlzp, trd, trs, ts, usf, vgm, vgz, vtx, ym.

- "Supported extensions" doesn't mean "supported formats". Some files with the above mentioned extensions may not be supported by BASSZXTUNE. For example, BASSZXTUNE doesn't support packed and archived formats.
- Internet streams are not supported.
- Only mono and stereo output.

Stop After Current Group v0.4

Awakunar | 2019-04-25 | 345.33 KB | Downloads: 15192

PreviewPlatform: Windows
Version: AIMP v4.00 or newer

Type: Extensions

Can be switched on in the miscellaneous menu of playlist.

- cannot be switched on if playback is stopped
- switches off automatically on group / playlist change

Track Preview v1.6.4

Korney San | 2019-02-14 | 1182.13 KB | Downloads: 53267

PreviewPlatform: Windows
Version: AIMP v4.10 or newer

Type: Extensions

Plugin provides an "preview" playback mode

Advanced Shuffle v1.5

Korney San | 2019-02-05 | 1313.38 KB | Downloads: 59235

PreviewPlatform: Windows
Version: AIMP v3.60 or newer

Type: Extensions

Plugin provides 3-level (playlist-group-track) shuffle algorithm, where each level has two modes.
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